Web Hosting

Various facets of Web Hosting Page Before anything can be said about web hosting services or web hosting in general, it is important to know a little bit about Internet and the web world. Network of many networks is known as the Internet, at least from a layman’s perspective. This interconnectivity among many computers allows successful data transmission among those machines. This is all about Internet on superficial level. Web hosting providers are those who maintain the server for a certain website.


A website is one of the primary elements of the Internet world. This is the primary concern of web hosting companies. Websites are like portals where the visitors or users of web access information and data about a certain company or product or organisation et cetera. Depending on the requirements there are types of websites. A website can be static or dynamic. Static websites, designed by a web hosting company preferably, are more oriented towards providing some information and nothing else. There is no user interactivity in those types of websites. On the other hand, dynamic websites are interactive and involve some sort of input from the visitors. A web hosting company should be aware of this distinction.

What is Web Hosting?

Business web hosting or simply web hosting is a primitive part of web development. The primary purpose of one’s website is to get people visit the website and send the message, which they want to send, to the people through the website. In order to achieve that, it is of necessity that the website becomes visible on the World Wide Web. This is where web hosting services come to use. Making a website accessible to people via World Wide Web is the primary task here.